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Movesgood is a Swedish brand that is new to us. They work with slow fashion and make classic stylish basic clothes in an improbably soft bamboo lyocell.
Natural lyocell processed bamboo is the basis of their fabrics. The fabric is insulating, keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and is naturally antibacterial.
The bamboo production process has a low impact on the environment and recycles or breaks down all solvents and emissions produced. Bamboo is completely CO2 neutral throughout its growing period, grows without the need for pesticides and is very water efficient.
Movesgood has developed its own unique production model, Lean Production, which is central to its strict sustainability policy. They use only a few selected materials that are purchased in large volumes. They only use trains and boats for shipping to minimize their environmental footprint. Currently 70% of their production is based in Europe, but they aim to have all their production based in Europe by 2022.
See more about it in the video below.

Here are some favorites from Movesgood!

See all here!

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