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Sustainable - Loveable!

Liebling wants to be involved and change. We believe it is possible to make fashion sustainable. Sustainability is important in so many ways. Our philosophy is slow consumption, we believe in slow fashion, in quality instead of quantity.
That clothes should not only last one or two seasons, but become favorite items to use all the time. To carefully select garments that can be worn and combined in many ways. Simply, fashion that lasts over time and season.
For Liebling, sustainable production and transparency are important. We design Liebling's own collection ourselves in our Malmö studio and produce on a small scale in Lithuania. Our design is simple, straightforward and timeless. We choose materials and partners with care.
We at Liebling see clothes as something long-term. For us, it goes without saying that you take care of your clothes and shoes. Airing, rarely washing, repairing holes, greasing and polishing.
As Vivienne Westwood said: "Buy less, choose well. Make it last."
In our store in the heart of Malmö, you will find a sustainable assortment of handpicked brands, not least Liebling's own! You will find your favorite clothes with us. Clothes to use again and again, year after year.
LIEBLING = darling. Loveable. Sustainable.
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