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Shoe care

Take care of your shoes and they will last longer!

Important to consider is to let leather shoes rest. So, you shouldn't wear the same pair every day. This is because the leather breathes and absorbs moisture from the foot. They must then rest to release the moisture again. The leather then shrinks a little and it is therefore good to use shoe blocks when the shoes are resting. This reduces the risk of the shoes cracking in the creases.


Make it a habit to brush or dry your shoes after use. Pay attention to edges and seams, which should also be cleaned and greased like the rest of the shoe. Allow the shoes to dry thoroughly before lubricating them.


Leather shoes should be greased regularly. Use a thin layer of leather grease, rather a little and often than a lot and infrequently. Let sit for a few minutes and polish with a soft cloth. Brush with a shoe brush for extra shine.

Suede shoes should not be oiled but brushed to maintain its characteristic surface.

With these simple steps, you will significantly increase the lifespan of your shoes. We love that!


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