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Liebling Second hand


We have a curated and carefully selected Second Hand where typical Liebling garments can live on. In this way, we extend the life of clothes that still last but are no longer used by their original owner. Clever in every way!

Our Secondhand is first-class and we choose with care which garments we take in. We place great emphasis on creating a selection that rhymes with Liebling's other style. We prefer clothes made from natural materials and with a simple, straightforward and timeless design language. The clothes we bring in should feel obvious, durable and wonderful. It should simply be typical Liebling garments.

Our second hand is continuously updated and we create a selection that we think fits the moment. Sometimes we mix widely, sometimes we have a theme. The idea is that through our Andrahand, the clothes find a new home where they are used often and for a long time.

Liebling Andrahand is only available in the store in Malmö.



Do you want to hand in clothes to us? 

Here follows a small guide to how our Second hand works:

1. Delivery in the store in Malmö

You are very welcome to hand in 1-3 items of clothing that you no longer use but that still last. Upon submission, we make an assessment as to whether they fit the concept for our Second Hand. We are a bit picky when we receive garments because they have to fit with the rest of the range. If your garments do not suit us, we are happy to refer you further :).

In addition to the clothes you hand in must be in line with Liebling's style, the clothes must be whole, clean and washed. We do not accept clothes that for any reason have a strong smell. Therefore, please use perfume-free detergent. We also do not accept swimwear, clothes made of knitted materials, clothes made only of synthetics, sleepwear or underwear, fur, shoes, training clothes or vintage clothes.

2. Sales

When one of your garments is available for sale in our Second Hand, you will receive an email. We do not immediately hang out submitted garments, but regularly select a group that fits together or a current theme. In this way, your submitted garments will have good company. If a garment has not been sold after a month, we remove it. You then have another month to collect your garment. We then donate it to charity. As a submitter, you are responsible for remembering when your garment was hung out and when you may need to pick it up.

3. Payment

When we sell something you have submitted, we will notify you by email. You can then come to the store and collect half of the sales amount in a cashier's check. You can then use the check when you find a new favorite garment with us, either from our Second Hand or other assortment. You choose!

That's all. Hope you want to be part of Liebling Andrahand. :)

If you have questions, contact Nora at:


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