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Återvunnen Kashmir från Rifò

Recycled cashmere from Rifò

- Circular fashion. Made in Italy -
We have received so many nice things from the Italian brand Rifò! All in wonderfully soft recycled cashmere.
Rifò was created via crowdfunding in 2017 and wants to combine circular economy, craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. Their collection is entirely made with recycled and recyclable fibers. Ethical, sustainable and slow fashion made in Prato, Italy.
The word Rifò is a Tuscan inflection of the verb 'rifare', meaning 'to do again'. The name represents the local people and the way of speaking about the artisans who invented the recycling method for old clothes more than a hundred years ago: the so-called 'Cenciaioli'. The name Rio; do again, fits nicely as they recreate a forgotten traditional craft.
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