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One of our favorite materials is Tencel. We often use it in our own collection and get some questions about what kind of material it is. Here comes some info.
What is Tencel made of?
Tencel and Lyocell are a variant of viscose, but the difference is that it is manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way. A biodegradable chemical is used to extract the fiber from the wood material. The process is closed, which means that approximately 99% of the chemical solution can be recycled and reused. The remaining percentage is broken down in biological treatment plants.
What is the difference between Tencel and Lyocell?
Tencel and lyocell are the same thing, but Tencel is a registered trademark owned by the Austrian company Lenzing with a clear sustainability profile. Tencel also means that the wood raw material used is sustainably certified, FSC-marked.
How to wash Tencel?
Tencel is a wonderful material that is strong and durable. Tencel transports moisture well and is pleasant to the skin. The fabric has a soft and nice fall. Wash at 30 degrees. Little risk of shrinkage. Tencel has a lovely 'peachy' finish with natural shifts. We like the luxurious feel!
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