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Personalen tipsar om sina favoriter!

The staff advises on their favourites!

Right now the store is filled with fine classics and spring novelties. We thought we'd help you choose by showing you our own favourites. First up is Elina.
Elina is picking her favorites right now.
- I am one of those people who feel most comfortable in black. There's a little trick for us to have a little color without feeling like it's too much. A tip is to wear something dark over it so you feel safe:) I like to wear Svala, Mazarin or Humla open over a nice top (preferably with a little color) and black trousers. On my feet I can be a bit more generous with color and have become obsessed with Bonne Maison socks. But the shoes must be black and stylish!
Elina's choice:
  • Mazarin in black
  • Cap and T-shirt from Colorful standard
  • Knitted linen trousers Dora
  • Bonne Maison Polka Dot
  • Newly arrived boots from Angulus.
This is one of my go to outfits! Works in all modes :)
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