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Lager på lager!

Layer on layer!

The staff tips!

Li says:

-I love layer upon layer. Mainly it's probably because I'm very frozen, so I actually have layers upon layers all year round. And then you don't have to choose! It is often both a dress, bra, cardigan and jacket or kimono. Here in Malmö, it's also always good to be prepared regardless of the season: Always a cardigan or scarf in your bag!

Li's favorites right now:

-Petticoat from bric-a-brac is a must! I always have it underneath. If it's cold, I have a thin long-sleeved sweater underneath as well.

-My new favorite is our dress Miso! And of course always Svala.

-A knitted sweater or cardigan, preferably from Sibin.

- Kimono Vide Yoko

-Humble Tartan

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