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kimono vide muskot tencel

Slow fashion

- Take summer with you into autumn! -
We work with slow fashion. For us, this means that our clothes should suit all seasons, year after year. Here we have autumn styled some of the summer favourites. A good trick is to wear a polo shirt underneath. It is also nice to let socks stick out and take up some space. A matching hat or scarf might be at home in the stash? If not, we will soon receive hats in recycled wool from Colorful standard. On the feet, boots or rough shoes to add some weight to the outfit.
I hope you like it! We loved :)
Kimono Vide Yoko in organic viscose, culottes Dis Muskot in Tencel.
Dress Skilla Cyan in organic viscose.
Kimono Vide Nutmeg in a peachy Tencel.
Dress Sparrow Yoko in organic viscose.
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