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Finaste adventsstjärnan - Originalet från Herrnhuter Sterne

Finest advent star - The original from Herrnhuter Sterne

Star of poinsettias!

Herrnhuter poinsettia yellow

Herrnhuter Sterne is the star of poinsettias! Craftsmanship from Herrnhut in Germany since 1885. Manufacturing began in a religious community where the children made the 25-pointed stars in math lessons. It then became a tradition to make them for Advent and hang them in the window. The tradition also spread to Sweden. The Herrnhuter star looks the same today as it did then.

Here you can order your Herrnhuter star. Which is your favorite, white, yellow or red? They are available in sizes from 13 cm to 80 cm. Herrnhuter star comes in a package and requires assembly. It's a bit of a chore but not too difficult. Works best with some mulled wine, atmospheric music and a dose of dexterity:)

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