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NPS Solovair

NPS Solovair was founded in England in 1881 and has been making shoes for 140 years! NPS stands for The Northamptonshire Productive Society and started as a co-operative of five men in the village of Wollaston. During its long history, Solovair has, among other things, manufactured boots for the British army. In 1959, they were involved in producing the first pair of Dr. Martens boots with the air-absorbing sole, the Solovair 'Sole-of-Air' sole. For over 30 years NPS Solovair manufactured Dr Martens under license but since the 80's they only manufacture their own brand. Solovair's design is classic, timeless and very stylish. All Solovair shoes are handmade in England, Northamptonshire.

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